Covid protocols and procedures. 2.2.2021



  • Our governing bodies have confirmed that we can remain open.


  • We will continue to Triage patents in detail and do zoom or face time appointments if we feel we can manage the problem well that way. If we feel you would be best seen face to face this will be discussed, and the risks assessed with yourself.


  • If you are being seen face to face we will require you to sign a document to say that you do not have any covid symptoms, or anyone at home self-isolating because of covid.


  • In our practice if you are being seen face to face you must wear a face mask. If you are exempt or unable to wear a mask then for the safety of ourselves and our other patients, we will only be able to see you on zoom or face time until this pandemic is over.


  • Ventilation is key to keeping a safer environment and a window will be open at all times in the practice rooms.


  • All surfaces that a patient has come into contact will be disinfected with suitable alcohol wipes or spray after they leave, and thoroughly aired.