Pilates classes

Exercises are gentle and subtle and have found to be very helpful in the management of long standing problems - in particular low back pain. The exercises help to improve muscle strength around the spine, improving posture and body awareness. Sports people also find it helpful to prevent injury and enhance performance. At this Practice we run classes all week. We have classes for all age groups and abilities. There are a maximum of 6 people in a class so that the exercises can be tailored to individual needs. They are fun and very popular. We use a variety of equipment using a combination of mat work, swiss ball, over ball, foam rollers, resistance bands and light weights. The Practice also offers individually tailored programs on a 1:1 basis if people prefer. Here we use much the same equipment as in a class with the added use of a Pilates reformer which is a specialised machine designed to exercise almost every muscle in the body. 

March  2021

All CLASSES  remain online during the Pandemic

We restart the week beginning Monday 12th March

 for a block of 5 weeks

at your usual time slot continuing on Zoom.