Running Injuries Prevention

Running has been found to be a great way to improve fitness and to reduce weight. Running injuries can be  due to poor preparation and equipment.

General tips:

  • First check with your GP that there are no medical issues preventing you from running.
  • Then make sure you have suitable footwear. Running shoes are specific to running and are very different from general training shoes so do make sure you go to a specialised shop for advice. They will often put you on a running machine to check your foot posture.
  • Always start slowly and most people walk/run initially. There are many local running groups who you can run with for company, advice and safety. Warm up by running slowly for 5 minutes and then stretch at the end of the run for 10 to 15 minutes. The main muscles to stretch are your hamstrings and your calf muscles. The free app called Couch to 5K is worth following. 
  • Seek our advise if you have any niggles or if you feel muscle tightness is hampering your running.
  • The practice has a running machine so that we can analyse your running posture as well as offering you a full bio-mechanical assessment. We film you running using your own mobile so you can see it back and keep the footage yourself or we can also use a soft ware program to analyse further if needed. 
  • Sara has been a runner all her life and is always happy to support runners through their training particularly when they are training for an event. Angela has completed the couch to 5k app and regularly runs Park runs .